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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 15, 2019
Alison Parks
PR Director 

Chance Athletics Launches Brand in Chicago Bulls Stadium
CHICAGO, Ill. – Chance Athletics, a new athletics brand that gives back to low-income athletics programs, held a massive brand launch party in the Chicago Bulls stadium today.
The brand teamed up with the Chicago Bulls basketball team and invited boys and girls from all over Chicago to celebrate Chance Athletics’ grand debut. The event featured basketball games, photos and autographs with players from the Bulls. The brand gave out free merchandise to children who attended.
At the event, Chance Athletics introduced its first line of athletic shoes that are focused on trendiness and affordability. Unlike other brands, Chance Athletics donates 20% of all purchases to low-income sports programs around Chicago to change the future of young children living in underprivileged areas. The children at the event were thrilled to receive their free pair of shoes and have the opportunity to play basketball with the pros.
The athletics brand is opening a storefront in Chicago, along with launching an online store. The store is located in downtown Chicago and will have its opening day tomorrow. The company announced on Twitter that Chicago Bulls players would autograph the first 50 pairs of shoes sold in-store tomorrow. The company said it is expecting a huge turnout at its store opening, since it has more than 60,000 followers on social media.
CEO Eric Chance, a former athlete from the southside of Chicago, founded the company earlier this year. He created the brand to raise money for intercity sports programs, a cause that he says is very dear to his heart. Chance grew up extremely poor and credits sports for keeping him out of trouble and giving him a better future. Through school athletic programs, Chance was able to receive a college basketball scholarship to Purdue University, where he earned his business degree. Instead of advancing in his sports career, he decided that he wanted to make a difference in the world, which led him to create Chance Athletics, he says.
“I am ecstatic about finally launching Chance Athletics,” Chance said. “Sports programs changed the course of my life when I was young. Without the opportunity to play sports, I think I would be in a much darker place.”
“I am unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to give back to my community, especially for these underfunded programs,” he said. Basketball truly got me back on my feet when I was young, and I want the same to happen to kids who grew up like me. The launch party could not have gone any better.”
More than 10,000 people attended the launch party, and the brand got massive attention on social media. People packed inside the Chicago Bulls stadium waiting to meet the basketball players and see the new products. Chance gave an emotional speech about what the brand meant to him and how he wants to create a positive change in Chicago and, eventually, the world.
Chicago Bulls point guard, Zach LaVine, says, “What Eric is doing is truly amazing. It was incredible to be a part of the commencement of this awesome brand. Our whole team is very supportive of Chance Athletics’ mission, and it made us excited to help out with this event. We also had the best time taking pictures and playing basketball with all the little kids who came out.”
All clothing and footwear made by the brand feature inspiring messages to encourage young athletes. The featured shoe style at the brand launch was red and black for the Chicago Bulls and showed the words “Take a Chance” on the side of the shoe. Each item of clothing is named after the message it relays. Chance says, the “Take a Chance” shoe is already sold out online after the event today.
Not only will Chance Athletics provide donations to local sports programs, but the company is also providing business advice to low-income athletic leagues. The brand is creating a network of business professionals to offer free guidance on financing school athletic programs. Chance said, “Our goal is to not only give money to these programs but also to provide counsel on how to manage these programs and to develop them into the best they can be.”
Though all its activity is currently based in Chicago, the company has big plans for expansion. Chance explained, “We are starting here in Chicago, but our end goal is to improve sports programs all across the United States. After this launch party, I am feeling very hopeful about the good we can do for our nation’s youth.”
The money raised by the brand will go to several sports programs throughout Chicago and will focus on providing better uniforms, equipment and coaching for these school sports teams. The full list of donations is on the company’s website ( that features its online store.
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